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So many factors contribute to that sensation of fatigue. Stress, sleep, nutrition and lifestyle are amongst the common culprits. Often, we reach for that coffee when energy wains. But are there other natural energy enhancers out there?

  • Low GI foods: These break down slowly and provide a slow and steady stream of glucose into the body. Some examples include beans and lentils, fruit, milk, grainy bread, porridige (oats)

High GI foods such as potatoes, white bread and short-grain rice give a quick burst of energy, but you crash after an hour or two so try your best to have less of these.

  • Drink more water” Even a mild dehydration can impact on mental fatigue, affecting concentration, mental alertness and short-term memory

  • Move around: Sitting for long periods of time can affect circulation, impairing blood flow to the brain and oxygen to all the cells. Exercise and stretching are great energy boosters!

  • Time out: Taking regular breaks from work.  Even a short 10-minute break allows us to replenish our energy stores.

  • Adequate Sleep: Try going to bed at the same time every night (good sleep hygiene). Getting 7-8 hours of sleep will boost energy levels.

Low energy levels may also relate to nutrient deficiencies such as iron, B12 and sometimes magnesium. For more information, please ask our friendly Naturopath or Pharmacist.

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Port Kennedy Central Shopping Centre,

Shop 8B/397 Warnbro Sound Avenue, Port Kennedy WA 6172

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