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Almost anything in nature, especially in Australia! This quick byte of an email focuses on insect bites which usually leaves behind one or more of the following when it bites: saliva, poo (yes, ewww, when you put it like that), venom or stinger. 

The bite area usually becomes red and may swell. Depending on the insect and the individual, it may hurt and itch a little or a lot. Most pain goes away after an hour but itching can hang around for up to 48 hours. The urge to scratch an itch can be intense and drive you nuts! (itch-scratch cycle). Sometimes, this can cause an infection if the skin is broken deep. 

Wash the bite area with soap and water, use a cool compress to soothe and reduce scratching; add a numbing cream and /or an antihistamine (especially if the reaction spreads beyond the bite site) . Most insect bite reactions are minor (major reaction like anaphylaxis are rare but can be fatal - speak to your health care professional about this) . Any symptoms that persist or get worse after two days may require treatment by a doctor. 

As mentioned, some insects leave a parting 'gift' on the human 'victim'. This can be something as simple as a sting (which should be removed by scrapping carefully with an object with firm edge) but it can also be more serious like the transmission of a parasite (malaria, Ross River virus etc). If you start to feel unwell, feverish, weak, have headaches and muscle weakness, it's time to see your doctor.

Hopefully, we shall all enjoy our amazing state and beautiful weather without too much 'injury' to ourselves and our insect friends!

For tips to reduce your chances of being bitten, check out the Health Direct website.

What bites this spring?

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