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The community of micro-organisms that make up our microbiome, living in our digestive system, largely determine our gut health. Our microbiome forms the first line of defence when foreign bacteria and viruses invade.

Lifestyle and diet are essential for the diversity and number of micro-organisms that reside in the gut. An imbalance of these microbes is called dysbiosis and can lead to multitude of health problems such as stomach problems, nutrient malabsorption, allergies, chronic illness and more.

The main causes of dysbiosis are:

  • Low Fibre: The fibre from our food feeds our gut microbiome. If we eat the typical low fibre diet (think low vegetable intake), we greatly affect the population and diversity of these beneficial microbes

  • Antibiotics: When we have an infection, antibiotics help remove the invading bacteria but such medications cannot differentiate between the good and the bad. This leads to a reduction in our beneficial gut bacteria, leading to dysbiosis. About 10% of us taking antibiotics will experience gut issues.

  • Sedentary Lifestyle: Low or no physical activity has been linked to reduced diversity of the microbiome.

  • Stress: During stress you release cortisol and adrenaline. Chronic stress leads to inflammation in the body, including the gut. The intestinal environment becomes disrupted and less than ideal for the microbiome to flourish.

  • Alcohol: Drinking excess alcohol affects the gut and increases inflammation, reducing the proliferation and diversity of the gut microbiome

If any of these factors apply, adjusting your diet and lifestyle is imperative to good health and improving your immune system.

Herbal medicine is also a useful tool to regain the balance of your gut microbiome and increase diversity.

If you are experiencing any health issues such as stomach problems, or recurrent illness, please come and speak to one of our friendly pharmacists or naturopaths. We are happy to discuss how we may be of service to you.

Microbiome Disruptors

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Port Kennedy Central Shopping Centre,

Shop 8B/397 Warnbro Sound Avenue, Port Kennedy WA 6172

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