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There is so much hype about food additives and how bad they are for you, but is this just an assumption?

A large prospective, international cohort study found that food additives such as nitrates, nitrites, artificial sweeteners (especially aspartame and acesulfame-K), and dietary trans-fatty acids (TFA’s) were associated with increased cancer risk, particularly risk ratios for breast and prostate cancer (see link below).

In contrast, nitrates and nitrites from natural sources were not associated significantly with higher cancer risk, which certainly supports our 'nature is best’ philosophy.

Nitrates and nitrites are used in processed meats to increase shelf life, reduce bacterial growth, add a salty flavour and improve the appearance of the meat. They are in foods such as Bacon, Ham, Deli meats, Hot dogs and Sausages (yes, the naughty stuff).

Healthy natural sources of nitrates are found in vegetables such as Spinach, Bok Choy, Carrots, Lettuce Celery and Radishes.

Foods that contain TFA’s include vegetable shortening, microwave popcorn, some vegetable oils, fried fast food, bakery products, non-dairy creamers, potato chips, corn chips, crackers and pizza (again, the naughty stuff).

While it is lovely to indulge in small doses of the naughty things every now and again, eating from nature and consuming a wholefood diet ensures a more healthy lifestyle.

If you would like to learn more about diet and nutrition, please come in and speak to your friendly pharmacist or naturopath. We promise we won’t have you dancing with flowers in your hair unless of course you would like to!

Source: https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/965091?fbclid=IwAR2fmsvXC4R0jcanwJWfdovT7oqXz5K5irtqwvCilsDnIzXiit7toQPg9v0

Those 'baddies' - The Food Additives!

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